Any person travelling closer to the city Pokhara should not miss this wonderful place itself. Pokhara is a land of wonders as they say. You can sit anywhere near the hills and mountains, lose yourself completely wondering about the beauty of this city. Pokhara is a city where every dimensions of natural beauty needs to be explored once you step into this city. Pokhara is one the most attractive places on Earth for both, domestic and international tourists and is a wonderful town for any kinds of holidays. The beauty of Pokhara can be hardly described in words alone. Here are some things, real things that can be done in Pokhara to get closer peek of this remarkable city aka wonderland.

1. Boating in Phewa Lake and Begnas Lake

Phewa Lake is one of the foremost attraction for the tourist which is wonderful from different aspects. This lake is located to the south of the valley. Phewa Lake is extremely large which includes parts of Sarangkot and Pokhara city itself. It can also be called the Lap Lake of all the closer mountains. The religiously and naturally amazing Barahi temple, located in the middle of the lake makes it more beautiful and with the extra-reflection of Mt Machapuchare during the clear days makes it more magical.

Begnas Lake is another most popular and the second largest lake of Pokhara located in Kaski district. It is a bit far away from the main hectic city due to which reason the peace and calmness of this lake remains as always. It is a very beautiful lake since it changes its variation of colors according to the seasons.

2. Pokhara Bungee Jumping and Zip flying

What else can be more adventurous than jumping from the deadliest heights in the world? Does it not seem like one of the greatest thrills in life? This bungee jumping is made possible along with the help of a tower which is around 70mtrs in height and 3 seconds of free fall during the jump.

As mentioned time and again, Pokhara is a land of wonders not just because of the exclusive thrilling bungee jump but also due to the ride at the tallest and longest zip liner which is remarkable. Another thrilling adventure which can be added in your list. Starting from high up in the air and once you zoom down at 120 km per hour it will cover a distance of around 1.8 km once you finish it. Can you imagine the beauty or imagine what it even means to fly to the enchanting green valley downstairs while enjoying the views of the amazing Himalaya?

3. Pokhara Skydiving

Many people may have dived before. Still, it makes a lot of differences, we mean a hell lot in doing skydiving in the Himalayan land Pokhara. Skydiving in Pokhara is an extreme, thrilling aerial experience which takes place in front of the world’s magnificent peak Machapuchare or Fishtail Peak. It’s not over yet, the free fall will take you down slowly and slowly while you feel the adrenaline rush covering over you. The feelings of touching the sky is just about another worldly thing.

4. Ultralight Flight or Hand Gliding in Pokhara

Ultralight flight is one the best things to do in Pokhara. It is conducted from Pokhara airport and lands in the same venue. Enjoying the ride like a bird can be experienced with this flight. You can enjoy the amazing breathtaking views of every parts of this wonderland.

5. Paragliding in Pokhara

Paragliding in Pokhara may look like going across the wonderland sitting up in the sky. Pokhara paragliding is listed in the world’s top five commercial tandem paragliding. You can just sit in front of the pilot and enjoy one of the most beautiful moments in life. Simply, if you are an experienced pilot, making your own flight alone is also possible. Pokhara is always happening also because of the Paragliding which sets off from Sarangkot.

6. Seti River Rafting and Kayaking

In the history of Nepal, Seti River is also referred as one of the holiest rivers in nation. It has got many mystical dimensions of its own. Seti River is also a left tributary of Trisuli Khola (river). And what else can be more amazing than putting an adventure raft in the thrilling river of the nation and rowing your boat through the wrath of the river! You can also check the amazing nature while you raft through.

The wonderful and holy river Seti is at a short distance from the city and is always ready to give you an extra thrill. Due to the diverse physical nature of Seti River, kayaking gets more fun than rafting alone. Kayaking in Seti River has been an important attraction for many tourists these days.

7. Paramotoring  in Pokhara

Unlike paragliding and ultralight flight, para motor is another advanced and thrilling adventure to be added in your list while you plan to stay in Pokhara. See how it feels to be in the magic of the natural mountains. It is an upgrade sport or adventure to add more thrills to a para glider.

8. Stand up Paddling

What can be the next adventure in the Himalayan city Pokhara? In the water adventure, there has been another addition called as stand up paddling, in which you can enjoy the paddling while standing in the amazing Phewa Lake. You can just float over by standing on the most fascinating lake of the city.

9. Sarangkot Viewpoint

Sarangkot is a land of para gliders as you already know. A bit far from the city, Sarangkot is a small village. Sarangkot is one of the most checked in places in Pokhara due to many reasons. The fascinating morning sunrise view is always one of the best and implant a remarkable memory to any traveler’s mind. The morning sunrise adds more beauty to the snowcapped mountains which are always the center of attraction for everyone.

10. Canyoning or Canyoneering

At a short travel distance from the city, there is a village called Lwang Ghalel which provides this wonderful opportunity for canyoning. This would be an amazing experience to go through this thrill.

Pokhara is a wonderful place for every kind of holiday and the adventure packages. Pokhara has such natural formations and the aspects which make it suitable for pioneering and successfully running a lot of adventure activities.

11. World Peace Pagoda

Next to the Phewa lake, there is a hill full of beauties with all possible floras called Ananda hill. World peace pagoda lies on the top of this hill. It is a Buddhist pagoda which will provide you the precise mind of peacefulness and offer you the amazing views of entire panoramic valley down below from the top.

12. International Mountain Museum

The name itself describes the importance of the museum. Where else can be a better place than this to know more about the mountains and the mountaineering activities that’s been happening in the tourism industry of Nepal so far! Visiting this museum can help you unfold many hidden mysteries all related to the mountaineering.

13. Mahendra Cave and Bat Cave

Mahendra cave is also one of the charming places which attracts a lot of pilgrimages from the country and abroad. It is named after the late King Mahendra. This place holds many religious backgrounds. It is not that far away from the city but inside the cave it’s dark enough to add more thrills in your travel diary.

Bat cave is another cave close to the Mahendra cave. Unlike other, there can be two ways to make this cave journey possible. Either by entering and coming back the same way or entering and exiting via different way. You can walk inside the cave and see the bat hanging in the ceiling which you can find in large numbers depending upon the seasons. Since the exit point has a small opening only and is not very easy to climb, it could be thrilling for the youngsters but it would be exactly impossible for the old age people and the soft-hearted ones. That’s why you could choose to return back the same way if you must.

14. Davis Falls

Davis falls is an amazing waterfall located a bit further away from the lakeside of the Pokhara city. The waterfall remains mysterious because of the vanishing of water as it goes down and disappears inside the ground. It still is really beautiful to watch the thundering water current coming off the edge and falling down before disappearing amidst the creeks.

15. Gupteshwor Cave

Gupteshwor cave {a cave is called as gufa in Nepali language} is known as one of the longest caves in Nepal. It is close to Davis falls and located on the other side of World Peace Pagoda. It is said that Gupteshwor cave was discovered around 16th century which has the spiritual and religious profoundness. One can also get to see the view of Davis falls at the end of the cave.

16. Bindabasini Temple

Bindabasini temple is one of the oldest and the historical temples of the valley. It is a powerful temple which is known as one of the powerhouses of the godly energy (shaktipiths in Nepali). Bindabasini temple is a holy temple dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Durga, who is Pokhara’s chosen guardian deity. During the biggest festival of Nepal which is Dashain, people from all over the nation come to the temple to offer sacrifices of animals to the goddess which is an overwhelming sight to see in Pokhara.

17. Fishing in Pokhara

Phewa Lake provides this wonderful opportunity of fishing for the fishing lovers. Fishing can be done in the Phewa lake and on the sideways of the lake. It could be more fun to the adventurers who also love fishing. You can also do that in other lakes like Begnas and Rupa lake as well as Seti River in the particular areas only.

18. Trekking

Pokhara do not only hold adventures of the sky and the water, but also provides the awesome land adventures. Pokhara is the gateway to several trekking destinations especially to many in the Annapurna region and to Upper Mustang. From a mere couple of days trek to the months long trekking, Pokhara offers them all. The main source of the income in Pokhara is undoubtedly the trekking before all.

19. Mountain Biking and Motorbike Riding

As the geographical diversity happens within a small distance in Pokhara, it provides this wonderful and thrilling opportunity of mountain biking. It would be a total roller coaster ride to go up in those beautiful trails along with the bike. If you are a mountain bike lover, Pokhara bestows you many sites and the trails to quench your thirst of adrenaline rush.

There are many ways of doing a tour to the known and unknown trail but motor biking is also one of the best ways. Watching and touching all the corners of the cities on a motor bike could also be fun. There are a lots of places to hire either a mountain bike or motor bike in Pokhara. Whether it’s off beaten trail or it’s the popularly busy trails, Pokhara has it all and will always keep you on the toes.

20. Camping in and around Pokhara Valley

Camping on the top of the hills or by the side of the silent rivers and listening to the wind speaking of its peacefulness would be one of the profound experiences that can be done in Pokhara. Camping would be another choice or option in Pokhara to stay close to the nature and admire the beauty of this enchanting valley.